venerdì 4 maggio 2012

NEWS - ITV annuncia il thriller "Thirteen Steps Down"

Dal creatore di  Primeval , Adrian Hodges un adattamento del romanzo di Ruth Rendell  "Thirteen Steps Down"

Protagonisti Gemma Jones (Spooks, Merlin), Geraldine James (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Luke Treadaway (Attack the Block) and former Bond girl Maryam D’Abo (The Living Daylights), le riprese del  dramma di due parti inizieranno la   fine di questo mese a Londra e Dublino per cinque settimane.

Mix Cellini is a lonely, maladjusted young man who works for a company that repairs exercise equipment, and lives in the upstairs apartment of an old Victorian house on Notting Hill. While his reclusive landlady, Gwendoline Chawcer, spends her time reading and pondering lost loves, Mix grows dangerously obsessed with serial killer John Christie and a local model, Nerissa Nash, despite the fact that she hardly even acknowledges his existence.


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